Being an avid reader, I also am a lover of words.   I came across two words this week, one old and one new to me, which tickled my logophilia.  First the old:

Prevaricate,  which The Free Dictionary defined as “To stray from or evade the truth; equivocate” and as “be deliberately ambiguous or unclear in order to mislead or withhold information.”    We can all hope that the OCA’s Special Investigative Committee will not prevaricate – especially if there is a goal in the OCA to demonstrate that things have really changed in church administration.

The totally new word (though labeling a very familiar concept):

Chirality  (Pronounced ki-ralty) which is just a way of saying that there is “handedness” in living beings – our right and left hands are mirror images of each other, rather than being identical to each other.  If you attached your left hand to where your right hand should be, it would never be correct.   Some scientists think chirality is a characteristic by which we can recognize living things.  I have no specific use for this word, but find it interesting that there is a word for this phenomena. 

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