The Year of St. Paul: Resources

Travel Agent Burak Sansal has put together an interesting web page about St. Paul.  Of course he is trying to entice us all to travel to Turkey for the newly declared  YEAR OF ST. PAUL.   He does remind us that St. Paul was a traveling man himself as his web page’s map shows!

One event scheduled during the year which might be worth considering:  Holy Assumption Orthodox Church in Canton, OH,  is sponsoring a “Called and Gifted Workshop,” the weekend of November 21/22.  Fr. Gregory Jensen of Holy Assumption Church says, “The tie in to the Year of St Paul is with Paul’s teaching that in Christ we have all received unique gifts for the building up of the Body.  …  Paul teaches that these gifts aren’t simply instrumental or functional.  The gift we received are essential aspect of our being incorporated into the Body.”

You can read the address of Patriarch Bartholomew to Pope Benedict on the inauguration of the Year of St. Paul.

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