Does “the beginning” Limit the Origins of Life?

I think the scientific search for origins is looking at and looking for something different than can be found in the bible. Science is looking for the origins of both life and the universe in the time-space matrix of the universe, in other words, looking within the created order to understand the empirical universe.   Believers on the other hand are looking for the origins of both the universe and humanity in something beyond or outside of time and space. The conflict of science and religion exists to a large degree because of those who insist the bible is science or that the story of creation in Genesis must be confined to or limited by the competency of science.  

Science can tell us only about the universe since time began and must always stay within the time-space matrix in its studies and explanations.   That is a legitimate human study and does contribute to our knowledge of the universe (and in as much as the universe reveals the Creator, science is helping us to know the truth not only about the empirical order but also about God – Romans 1:19-20).   Religion and the bible is not confined in its purview to the empirical, visible or known universe and therefore can accept that time and space themselves exist in a larger context, namely in God.

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