Indianapolis Townhall Meeting

Attended the OCA Townhall meeting in Indianapolis last night.

What I found so encouraging last night was the number of people who spoke with passion, conviction, love and concern.  I saw a love and conviction for Christ and Christianity that one would expect in the Church, but which isn’t always publicly demonstrated.   And I saw a passion and concern for the OCA which I haven’t seen for awhile.  People came because they deeply cared for their Faith, their Church, for one another and for the salvation of all including those leaders who have so badly failed us all.  It was these very people who make me feel it is worth the fight to change and to shape the OCA.

So I came away from the meeting feeling encouraged by what seemed to me to be the common mind of those gathered together with Archbishop Job to discuss Orthodoxy, Christianity, the OCA, and a vision for the Church in America.   I thank all of you for your prayers for us as we met, and I thank those who were able to take time from their schedules to attend and add their voice and presence to this gathering of Christian men and women which were facing directly the evil that always threatens the Church and each believer.

I think what others expressed so well was that if Christ could descend into Hades and conquer death, surely He can conquer the OCA and our sinful failings.  And if He can raise the dead, surely He can raise the OCA from the dead if He so wills.

Please continue to pray for Archbishop Job who often stands alone among his fellow bishops against the spirit of this world.  Pray for Metropolitan Herman that he be forgiven for his failures and that he be given the grace and inspiration to retire.  Pray for the Synod of Bishops that the Holy Spirit might come upon them and give them the conviction to do the work of Christ.  Pray for all your fellow Christians who are broken hearted by the mess they see in the OCA.  And give thanks to God for all of those who still have a passion and love for Christ and His Church despite these years we have been wandering through the wilderness of sin.  Christ is risen!   Risen indeed!

May Christ who descended into Hades and crushed the death and all evil powers, destroy those forces oppressing the OCA and may He raise this Church from the dead so that we can proclaim the Gospel to the world.

The notes from the Indianapolis Townhall should be posted within a week at

My written notes which I took to the Townhall can be found at The OCA Scandal and the AAC

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