The Special Investigative Committee Speaks

The  Preliminary Report of the Special Investigative Committee is now available for all to read – it is not the final report as footnotes remain to be added to the Report.   Additionally Appendices to the Report are available.  

The Report was read to the Synod of Bishops and to the Metropolitan Council today, September 3, 2008.  The Report gives specific disciplinary recommendations to the Synod of Bishops, recommending these disciplinary actions be taken before the November All North American Council.

Let us all pray that our Synod will in fact take the necessary disciplinary steps which are in their particular competence.   We should also give thanks to those courageous but few individuals who tried through the past several years to expose the scandal and to those who spoke the truth about what was transpiring in the central church administration.  Prayers are needed for the Metropolitan Council as it takes up this particular cross and attempts to put us back on the path to the Kingdom of God.    We need also to pray for all of the delegates to the upcoming November All North American Council, as it will have huge and significant decisions to make regarding the future and the direction of the Orthodox Church in America.