A Brief Guide for Christian-Muslim Dialogue

For any Orthodox interested in learning more about Islam and possibly a basis for a dialogue with Muslim co-workers or neighbors, I would recommend: Fr. Theodore Pulcini’s  A Brief Guide for Christian-Muslim Dialogue from the Orthodox Peace Fellowship’s magazine and webpage, In Communion.   Fr. Pulcini points out the theological differences that make dialogue difficult –  Christians and Muslims do not have a common understanding of sin or a need for salvation, and so differ greatly on their understanding of God, the role of scripture and of a prophet, and on who Christ is.   Still there are some points where Christians can explain the understanding of God as love to Muslims – the basic message of the Gospel.

One thought on “A Brief Guide for Christian-Muslim Dialogue

  1. I suppose the question might involve how two parties can learn to disagree. I must admit the rigidity sanctioned under the rubric of religion would not be acceptable in other domains. Perhaps this means there is a larger problem…

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