Blogging, Blessing

Seven months or so ago, my eldest son John talked me into blogging.   He thought since I write a lot anyway, and send those writings as emails, a more effective way of communicating was to blog.   He even convinced me to read NAKED CONVERSATIONS: HOW BLOGS ARE CHANGING THE WAY BUSINESSES TALK WITH CUSTOMERS, which he lists on as one of his favorite books.  (He also had me join as well!).

The blog has become the place where I do most of my writing these days, and it has become a way for me to communicate with people I know, as well as with people I’ve never met.  I get comments from those who agree with my opinions, those who make very perceptive comments and criticisms of what I’ve written, and those who hold positions contrary to my fundamental beliefs.  I’ve enjoyed a few debates with other bloggers over the existence of God, and the relationship of truth, science and religion.   I’ve used the blog to express what’s on my mind, not to make dogmatic statements, but to express how I react to the world around me, and to invite others to join the conversation.   For I truly see the blogs not as my final word on anything, but as real conversations which means I also learn from what others say as they often bring to bear pertinent ideas which I have ignored or missed.  And they are so kind as to gently and privately point out when I am not clear and when I am clear but wrong!  But they do it so as not to offend or embarass, which means that many of them are decent, God loving humans.

As a result of this blogging, I was “quoted” today on National Public Radio’s webpage:   I’ve also had one of my blogs translated into Russian, and one appeared on an Argentinian webpage.   

I admit I would have never begun this if not for my son, who gets the credit or blame for creating this blog. 

A good friend of mine, who is of Serbian descent, told me the Serbian word “blag-”  (pronounced like blog) has the meaning of a “blessing.”  The discipline of writing has always been a blessing to me.   Like the seed which the sower scattered I hope that some of my meditations will also prove to be good seed that finds good soil in which to take root.

2 thoughts on “Blogging, Blessing

  1. John

    I’m happy you found a creative outlet. I think Scoble and Israel would be happy to see you engage both naysayers and supporters alike. People being able to voice their opinion is the foundation of the Internet, and that means both bloggers and commentators alike should not be censored.

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