Times change, Tastes change too

A little more tongue in cheek political sarcasm.

One thing  is clear about this year’s presidential campaign – the presidential and vice presidential candidates from both major political parties are running against the incumbent president.  Democrats Obama and Biden have made change the theme of their campaign, and Republicans  McCain and Palin claim their maverick status makes them the agents of change.  All are running against the policies of President Bush, whose policies they both claim to want to change.  The voters are left to decide which of the candidates will best change America, but all the candidates are clear that they don’t want to continue the policies of the current administration.  And if the polls on Bush’s lack of popularity are any proof, the overwhelming majority of Americans want change too. 

This is making President Bush look very prescient when on February 29, 2000, in Cleveland, OH, he declared, “I’m a uniter, not a divider.”  

He has indeed after 8 years as president united the diverse political factions in America  to a degree even he probably never imagined – albeit, he united them against him, but he did prove his point that he is a uniter. 

What is most interesting about all the candidates running on a platform for change is that most policy analysts are saying the Bush white house has in the past few years reversed many of its early policy decisions and has embraced change itself.  Bush embraced change at about the same time that the 2008 presidential campaign began several years ago, and now his successor-want-to-bees by claiming to favor change in policies are actually and strangely on board with the policies of change and the changing policies of the current administration.    In American politics the more things change the more they remain the same, especially since all politicians seem to run campaigns favoring change, even the encumbants. 

The man on the street is probably most worried about the change or the lack thereof in his own pocket.

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