A Presidential Pardon: Commuting the Death Sentence for the Unborn

When Rick Warren asked Barack Obama when life begins, he gave a politically avoidant answer that such knowledge was above his pay grade.  In fairness to Senator Obama he is not seeking an office in the Church, and so he can dodge such an “ultimate” question.  It may also be true that his own personal belief or that of his Christian denomination is indeterminate on the subject.

But as President he will have to weigh in on some life and death issues – capital punishment cases or anti-terrorism decisions for example – and he will not always be able to avoid the issue of life and death by deciding such ideas are determined by God not man.  He did express approval for the killing of Osama bin Laden which he apparently views as just.

He has as president the power to commute some sentences.

It would certainly be right for him to commute the sentence of babies consigned to death, especially those condemned by late term abortion and those babies who survive attempted abortions only to be killed once they are taken from their mother’s womb.   Such barbaric and heinous practices should be stopped.

Those voting for McCain have a candidate who has more consistently opposed abortion, but who is in support of capital punishment.   However because of so many pressing issues, it might be easy for McCain as president to put pro-life issues on the back burner as has happened before.   So those who vote for John McCain, should he win the election, must also champion the cause of opposing late term abortions and of stopping the killing of babies who survive abortion attempts. 

Numerous pro-life supporters and death penalty opponents will vote for Barack Obama for president.  Such people are obviously not single issue voters, and they will cast their vote as they give weight to the various issues at hand in this election.  May they not however abandon these issues of life and death after the election, but rather bring them to the forefront of presidential policies. 

It would behoove all those who embrace pro-life ideals and who oppose the death penalty to press Mr. Obama to think again about when human life begins.  It is not an issue that a President can avoid, even if as presidential candidate he could dodge the issue.   He may not be able to decide when life begins, but he certainly will have to decide when life will end for some humans. 

It is not the candidate’s campaign promises and stance that matters, but what they do once they are in office.  Commuting the death sentences for the unborn, especially late term babies, is a pardon worthy of a presidential act.

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