Christmas as D-Day?

While we oftentimes soften the Christmas season in sentimentality, some authors do remind us of the spiritual power which the birth of Christ represents.

dday“The world from which we must be detached, the world that is Satan’s kingdom, is not the planet, not matter, but our own greed and lust for it.  The word for ‘world’ in the New Testament is aion.  It is a time word, not a space word.  It means ‘the old order’, ‘the fallen order’, ‘the Adam order’.  Christ has invaded that kingdom,  that order.  Christmas was D-Day.  We are liberated and called forever away from the old order.”  (Peter Kreeft, BACK TO VIRTUE)

nativity21Christmas as D-Day?   Not many would conjure up images of D-Day in their desire to keep the warm fuzzies in Christmas.    But the Normandy Invasion is a proper way to understand Christmas as God reclaiming the world from all powers of darkness and evil.  Christmas is a dynamic event in which the Lordship of God is re-established over all the earth.  God had entrusted the care of earth to His human creatures, but because of sin humanity abdicated its dominical role on earth.  God comes to earth as a man to restore humanity to its proper role in creation – the Lord comes to give dominion to humanity over all the earth including over sin and death.