Need an Icon Painted?

There is a man whom I visit in prison, a convicted murderer, who about a year ago converted to Orthodoxy while in prison.   I wrote one previous blog about my somewhat miraculous experience with Daryl (see my blog  Must Have Been an Angel).

It turns out that Daryl is a talented artist and has begun painting small icons in prison.   As with all us in the fallen world, there is great beauty in his soul as well as the capacity to sin.  

Daryl has to use the materials he has available in prison.  Somewhat “funny” story- he had to use dental floss to cut a board to shape for an icon he made for me.   Daryl has provided a few icons to our parish and to some parishioners.     If you are interested in having him paint an icon, you can send me a letter with the icon you would be interested in having him paint.   Size limit is probably between about 3″x4″ up to 8″x12″ (but remember he may not be able to do exact size as he has to use available materials).   He asks $30-$50 for an icon (he has to pay for all the materials he uses).   He does give part of what he earns to the church and to charity.  He also needs the money to buy toiletries and tennis shoes (which the prison does not supply for free).     It helps if you can send a photocopy of the icon you want him to paint so that he can copy the style.    If you are interested in an icon, you can contact me through this blog or at or at

St. Paul Orthodox Church

4451 Wagner Road

Dayton, OH  45440

Below are a couple of examples of his iconography.  (Some of these are available for purchase as well).






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