Three Prong Illusion



The photograph on the right which I took of the Deeds Carillon in Dayton, Ohio, plays tricks on me.


It does appear to me that at the top of the tower  the middle leg stands out further than the two side legs of the tower and is closest to me.


However by the bottom of the photograph, it appears to me that the middle leg is actuallygoing behind the two side legs. 



It is an optical illusion – besides proving that I am easily intertained, diverted from doing anything important, and suffering from bad eyesight.


The photo though reminds me of an old optical illusion that I saw as a child:

3 Pronged Fork



Difficult in Deeds!

In a previous post, I asked a Difficult:  Where am I?

The Longfellow poem’s conlusion is to the right.

The main clue from the poen is “Then pealed the bells…”

The poem is on the door of the Deeds Carillon Tower.

It is entitled “Christmas Bells” and was written during the American Civil War.


The photos in the previous blog were taken right beneath the Carillon Bells. 


Here is a another view of the bells now much closer to how we might see them when we were close to the Carillon.


You can view all of my photos of the Deeds Carillon at:


Deeds Carillon Dayton, Ohio