Glory to God for All Things Ode 6 Illustrated

Akathist:  “Glory to God for all Things”   

by Russian Orthodox Metropolitan Tryphon (+1934)

See Ode 5

lighteningODE 6

How great and how close You are in the powerful track of the storm!

How mighty Your right arm in the blinding flash of the lightning!

How awesome Your majesty! 

 The voice of the Lord fills the fields, It speaks in the rustling of the trees.

The voice of the Lord is in the thunder and the downpour.

The voice of the Lord is heard above the waters.

Praise be to You in the roar of mountains ablaze.

ColoseumYou shake the earth like a garment;

You pile up to the sky the waves of the sea.

Praise be to You, bringing low the pride of man.

You bring from his heart a cry of penitence: Alleluia!

DachauIKOS 6

When the lightning flash has lit up the camp dining hall,

how feeble seems the light from the lamp.

Thus do You, like the lightning, unexpectedly light up my heart with flashes of intense joy.

After Your blinding light, how drab, how colorless, how illusory all else seems.

Glory to You, the highest peak of men’s dreaming.

Glory to You for our unquenchable thirst for communion with God.
Glory to You, making us dissatisfied with earthly things.
Glory to You, turning on us Your healing rays.

Glory to You, subduing the power of the spirits of darkness and dooming to death every evil.

Glory to You for the signs of Your presence, for the joy of hearing Your voice and living in Your love.

Glory to You, O God, from age to age.

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