Glory to God for All Things Ode 7 Illustrated

Akathist:  “Glory to God for all Things”   

by Russian Orthodox Metropolitan Tryphon (+1934)

See Ode 6


HandelIn the wondrous blending of sounds, it is Your call we hear.

In the harmony of many voices, in the sublime beauty of music,

in the glory of the works of great composers, You lead us to the threshold of paradise to come, and to the choirs of angels.

All true beauty has the power to draw the soul towards You and make it sing in ecstasy: Alleluia!


The breath of Your Holy Spirit inspires artists,



The power of Your supreme knowledge makes them prophets

and interpreters of Your laws,

who reveal the depths of Your creative wisdom.

Their works speak unwittingly of You.

How great are You in Your creation!

How great are You in man!

The Big Bang

Glory to You, showing Your unsurpassable power in the laws of the universe.

Glory to You, for all nature is filled with Your laws.

Glory to You for what You have revealed to us in Your mercy.

Glory to You for what you have hidden from us in Your wisdom.

Glory to You for the inventiveness of the human mind.

Glory to You for the dignity of man’s labor.

Glory to You for the tongues of fire that bring inspiration.
Glory to You, O God, from age to age.

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