Glory to God for All Things Ode 8 Illustrated

Akathist:  “Glory to God for all Things”   

by Russian Orthodox Metropolitan Tryphon (+1934)

See Ode 7


How near You are in the day of sickness.

You Yourself visit the sick.

You Yourself bend over the sufferer’s bed; his heart speaks to You.

In the throes of sorrow and suffering, You bring peace;

You bring unexpected consolation. You are the Comforter.

You are the Love which watches over and heals us. To You we sing the song: Alleluia!


When in my childhood I called upon You consciously for the first time,

You heard my prayer;

You filled my heart with the blessing of peace.

At that moment I knew Your goodness,

knew how blessed are those who turn to You.

I started to call upon You, night and day,

and even now, I call upon Your Name:

Glory to You, satisfying my desires with good things.

Glory to You, watching over me day and night.

Glory to You, curing affliction and emptiness with the healing flow of time.

Glory to You; no loss is irreparable in You, giver of eternal life to all.

Glory to You, making immortal all that is lofty and good.

Glory to You, promising us the longed-for meeting with our loved ones who have died.

Glory to You, O God, from age to age.

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