Haiti: 7.0


Starting at the bottom, your world crumbled to the ground. 

Haiti: Before the Earthquake









before the quake brought you down  – 7.0. 

Now, more of the same, only much worse. 

Ensconced poverty took time, human effort and planning to develop, 

Giving opportunity for the world to notice – if only it looked down far enough. 

Avoiding and ignoring: the requirements for planned human obsolescence. 

Lord, when did we see You? (Matthew 25:37)

Really, what purpose do the poorest serve? 

Temblor impoverishment suddenly jolts into ruinous existence, 

unexpected, neither awaiting human design nor in need of its coöperation 

But destroying Haiti’s expendable edifices and poor planning. 

Amazing how only now do we see how awful it all was: 

At least they had it bad:

Now even that is taken away.  

Bad  replaced by worse.

Nothing is worse than that.

Unimaginable: the poorest becoming more impoverished! 

Is it ever so bad that it can’t get worse? 

People of the world, take Haiti by the hand and pull her up, 

We will be less inhuman for our efforts. 

Beneath the rubble, people- our humanity – lay buried in abject poverty. 

It is  not too late for us to rescue our own humanity,

Even if it is too late to save some of them.

You can help:  http://www.iocc.org/news/1-14-10haiti-release.aspx

Romans 13:11-14

Romans 13:11-14 (RSV)

Dawn 13 January 2010


Besides this

you know what hour it is,

how it is full time

now for you

to wake from sleep.

For salvation

is nearer to us now

than when

we first believed;

the night is far gone,

the day is at hand.

Let us then cast off the works of darkness and put on the armor of light;  let us conduct ourselves

 becomingly as in the day,

not in reveling

and drunkenness,

not in debauchery

and licentiousness,

not in quarreling

and jealousy.

 But put on the Lord Jesus Christ,

and make

no provision for the flesh,

to gratify its desires.