The Cross and the Death of Christ

Great Lent Sunday of the Cross 2010

“…whereas Adam’s sin allowed death to usurp the reign of man over the world, the work of Jesus Christ has restored ‘those who receive the abundance of grace and the gift of righteousness to their proper role as truly human beings.  Thus the contrasts between Adam and Christ in (Rom 5) vv. 15-17 show that the task of the last Adam was not merely to begin something new, but to deal with the problem of the old; not merely to give life, but to deal with death. …  the realization that God’s anointed had died on a cross, not as the result of a horrible accident but as the paradoxical and unexpected revelation of the righteous of God …  (Christ’s) role was that of obedience, not merely in place of disobedience but in order to undo that disobedience.”  (N.T. Wright, THE CLIMAX OF THE COVENANT,  p 38)

The cross is the sign of the Son of God’s own obedience to the Father’s will.   We are to imitate Christ and to take up our cross to follow Him.  We are to love one another as Christ loved us (John 13:34, 15:12).

“For behold, through the Cross, joy has come into all the world.”

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