Mother’s Day (2010)

Mother of God

We honor today our mothers for being the life-bearers of the human race,  for bringing us into the world, for the nurturing roles they play in our lives, for raising us up, for their roles in forming our beliefs and moral thinking.   

May God bless them all, always.

While we offer prayers today for our mothers, here is a prayer that mothers today can offer up for their children of all ages:

Lord our God, in Your wisdom You created humans from the earth and breathed the breathe of life into them.   In humility I call upon your goodness, asking that you unceasingly pour out your grace upon my child/children.   Fill him/her/them with wisdom and understanding so that she/he/they might always choose the good.   Protect them/him/her from all of the snares of the evil one.  Command Your angels to be with her /him/them and guide him/her/them toward good works, so that they/she/he may always praise and glorify You all the days of his/her/their life/lives.  Amen.