The Beauty of St. Paul’s Backyard

Our church is set on a 9.4 acre property.

When we moved in the property was wooded with thick overgrowth of weeds, vines and spindly trees.

Over the years, one parishioner, Les H, has worked painstakingly to clear the grounds of invasive species as well as most of the brush and weeds.

He in turn has taken time each year to carefully choose plants and trees to create a beautful path and arboretum. 

I do from time to time go out through the property and photograph some of the beauty that I see.

Decided today to share with those interested some of the photos I took during the course of 2010.

It is a pretty large collection of photos.

If you would like to see the photos, go to  the St. Paul’s Backyard on Flickr and then click on the “slide show” button above the thumbnail photos to start the slide show of photos around our church property.  

If you get the chance, say thanks to Les for the work of love he has done.

The photo set is at

Charity: Something Humans Share with God

St. John Chrysostom

St. Paul “goes on immediately to talk of charity, showing that this virtue especially makes man God-like.  Notice how many other virtues there are inferior to this, which are man-centered – the fight with concupiscence, the war on gluttony, the campaign against avarice, the battle against anger.  Charity, on the other hand, is something man shares with God.”  (p 41.  St. John Chrysostom, IN PRAISE OF ST. PAUL.   Thomas Halton (Tr).  MA: Daughters of St. Paul.  1963.)