Seeking God

 May the Lord give you the blessing of a strong desire to stand inwardly before God. Seek and you will find. Seek God: such is the unalterable rule for all spiritual advancement. Nothing comes without effort. The help of God is always ready and always near, but is only given to those who seek and work, and only to those seekers who, after putting all their own powers to the test, then cry out with all their heart: Lord, help us. So long as you hold on to even a little hope of achieving something by our own powers, the Lord does not interfere. It is as though He says: ‘You hope to succeed by yourself—Very well, go on trying! But however long you try you will achieve nothing.’ May the Lord give you a contrite spirit, a humble and a contrite heart. (St. Theophan the Recluse, The Art of Prayer, pg 133)

God Questions His Creation: Genesis 10 as one PDF document

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The last blog on Genesis  10 was Genesis 10:15-32 (b)  and there you should find a link which enables you to trace back through all of the blogs on Genesis 10.  

You can also find all the comments on Genesis 10 as one PDF document at

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The Introduction to the entire series is at

When all of the individual blogs covering Genesis 11 have been published, I will publish the link for where to find the reflections on chapter 10 as a single document.

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You can also read as a single PDF document,  Reading Noah and the Flood Through the Source Theory Lens, which also contains Genesis 6-9 separated as two stories following Source Theory and then set in parallel columns for comparison.

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