God Questions His Creation: PDF

For any who followed the release of GOD QUESTIONS HIS CREATION: A LOOK AT GENESIS 4-11 through the blogs of the last several months, I also made the blogs for  each chapter of Genesis available as a PDF.   If you would like to see the entire manuscript as one PDF document, it can be found at the link above.  

Just a note, as I was releasing the reflections as a series of blogs, I did edit a very things in the texts – a very few additions and also corrections of typing and grammatical errors.  The text in the PDF documents do not have these edits/corrections.    The PDF is the document as originally produced in a series of emails to the members of St. Paul Church, Dayton, OH, and to anyone who asked to be included on that email list.

I thank everyone who noted edits which needed to be done, especially Brad M from St. Paul Church.

The reflections began with the blog  God Questions His Creation.   You can find links to the PDFs of each Genesis chapter at  https://frted.wordpress.com/2010/07/02/god-questions-his-creation-genesis-11-as-one-pdf-document/

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