The Visit of Bishop Melchisedek

His Grace, Melchisedek, Bishop of Pittsburgh, is at our parish of St. Paul’s today, to celebrate the Liturgy and to bless our new sanctuary icons.  Bishop Melchisedek grew up in the Dayton area. 

Protopresbyter Gus George Christo in his book, The Church’s Identity; Established through Images according to Saint John Chrysostom, offers a thought about Chrysostom’s imaging the hierarchy:

Chrysostom’s description of the Episcopate’s relationship to the Flock of Christ has nothing to do with laziness and worldly honor. Rather, it is connected with leadership,  presiding over the brethren, teaching, ordination, protection and authority. The bishop exemplifies all this as the leader of his sheep by carrying their burdens, bearing all their sins and taking the blame for them, never receiving pardon by his people for his sins, constantly exposing himself to their judgment, and protecting and safeguarding their souls even at the expense of his very own” (pgs. 180-181).

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