Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary (2010)

A blessed Feast Day to all!

“The monk Gregory Kroug, who rediscovered the soul and spirit of those master  iconographers of the great Tradition, states in his Notebook of an Icon Painter, ‘The Birth of the Theotokos is the final preparation of humanity to receive the Divinity.’”    (Michel Quenot, The Icon, pg. 51)

In the Feast of the Nativity of the Virgin we recognize the movement of God throughout time and in our universe towards His goal of the salvation of the world.  The Feast is about theology, and what God is doing for us and through us as His people.  The Feast celebrates salvation and reveals to us that truth cannot be equated to or limited by history.  For God who is greater than history and who lives outside of history acts on our behalf and for our salvation in history thus imbuing the future which does not yet exist with meaning.  The historical details of the Virgin’s birth are not found in our Scriptures, but the meaning of her birth is.  The significance of her birth is not found in the historical details of her birth, rather the significance of her birth is found in Christ.