Cause and Effect?

(The meanderings of a twisted mind pondering the meaning of cause and effect, or is it effect which gives meaning to cause, or effect which causes meaning?)

Not out of nothing, came I into existence,

But not for nothing?

Nothing is certain.

For all to exist as is, requires all that is to exist.

I is not the cause of I,

Existence is.

Effect give meaning to cause?

Is cause in need of effect to give ‘Is’

what is it’s meaning?

What effect has meaning, if cause does not?

Can meaningless Cause cause to exist 

What gives it meaning?

Is ‘Is’ in need of ‘I’ because I gives meaning to ‘Is’?

What Is is The One Who Is’s.

The ‘I’ Effect reflects as image what ‘Is’ is:

The source not of nothing but of being, cause, meaning.