Signs of the Election: Campaign Signs

Politician's Campaign Advertizing

It is time for the elections.  Signs of that are visible every- where:  on TV and posted on telephone poles. 

I wasn’t sure which candidate was being pitched here, but it was obvious that they were deep into a political party’s platform.

Radio talk show host releasing hot air?

Of course, maybe it was just a sign promoting a radio talk show host’s ideological show.

The election season is the one time out of the year when you can take your TVs out on the lawn, and plug them in, turn them on and let the political advertising fertilize your lawn.   

Voters: remember one thing that political campaign advertisers seem to forget: too much fertilizer isn’t healthy – it burns and kills rather than nurturing.  Protect your brains, turn off your TVs and radio talk show hosts.

Pride, Poverty and God’s Providence

“But as soon as grace sees that a little self-esteem has begun to steal into a man’s thoughts, and that he has begun to think great things of himself, she immediately permits the temptations opposing him to gain in strength and prevail, until he learns his weakness, and takes to flight, and clings to God in humility. 

"I was with God and with the devil. And I reached out for God"

 By these things a man comes to the stature of a perfect man in the faith and hope of the Son of God, and is lifted up unto love.  For God’s marvelous love of man is made known to him when he is in the midst of circumstances that cut off  his hope; herein God shows His power by saving him.  A man of circumstances can never learn what divine power is while he abides in comfort and spacious living.”  (The Ascetical Homilies of St Isaac the Syrian)