Imitating Christ and Serving the Least of His Brothers & Sisters

If you were to ask How may I acquire

     His benevolence? try this:  Bring Him

     gold and silver through the needy.

     If you’re short on cash, bring Him

     faith and love and temperance,

     bring Him calm, and kindness, most

     of all a humble heart.  Take great care

     not to judge—not anyone, protect

     your eyes from vanity, keep your hand

     from doing wrong, and keep

     your foot from unlikely paths.

     And while you’re at it:  Comfort the countless

     frightened, console all who suffer.

     At the very least, get off their backs.

     Lift the cup to those who thirst, and break

     a little bread to feed the hungry.

You know this all already; now do it.

(Scott Cairns, Love’s Immensity:  Mystics on the Endless Life, pgs 20-21)