Images of Parish Community

Brother Christopher continued, “But it (love) will always show in our relationships.  There’s a principle to keep in mind that I remember coming across in Dorotheos of Gaza, a sixth-century abbot from Palestine.  He told his monks to imagine a circle with a center point, noting that the center point would naturally be the same distance from any point on the circumference of the circle. ‘The circle represents the world’, he said, ‘and the center point, God.’  Then he told them to imagine straight lines drawn from the  edge of the circle to the center.  ‘These represent the lives of human beings.’  Dorotheos then pointed out that to move toward the center, to God, the task of each of our lives, is equally to move closer to one another.  ‘The closer we come to God,’ he said, ‘the closer we become to one another, and the closer we are to one another, the closer we are to God.’  Regardless of context, the other is our path to God.  (The Monks of New Skete, The Spirit of Happiness:  Spiritual Wisdom for Living pg 248).

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