The Gift of Grief and Tears

“The silence of tears reflects our surrender to God and to new patterns of learning and living.  Through weeping, we learn by suffering and undergoing, not just by speculating and understanding.  Tears are another way, a tangible way of addressing our pain and our panic.  They are the articulation of our grief, the wording of our desire.  The greater our love, the greater the corresponding sense of grief.  It is the depth of our love that determines the intensity of our weeping.  Through tears, we give up our infantile images of God and give in to the living image of God.  We confess our personal powerlessness and profess divine powerfulness.  Tears confirm our readiness to allow our life to fall apart in the dark night of the soul, and to assume our new life in the resurrection of the dead.”       (Chryssavgis, John In the Heat of the Desert:  The Spirituality of the Desert Fathers and Mothers pg 49)

Synod Suspends Archbishop Seraphim

As reported on the OCA’s webpage, the Synod of Bishops of the OCA has suspended Archbishop Seraphim of Canada.  

The Synod has also released the mandate for the Synodal Commission for the Investigation of Allegations against Archbishop Seraphim.   This is the document outlining the purpose and scope of this investigative committee.

Before all the gossips read too much into these two actions, keep in mind that none of this necessarily means there is new information which has prompted these actions.   Some things were already in progress and just take time to enact following now established procedures before being announced.   Some had to be worked through the procedures of the system.    For the system to work, it has to take time to work.   Announcements don’t always mean something new has occurred, they sometimes only mean that things were at a point that the announcements could be made.

The Canadian authorities have put a publication ban in effect for this case as has been widely reported in all of the Canadian news outlets.  This would seem to mean don’t expect an endless series of official news flashes and breaking news bulletins for the time being.   As with the OCA, the Canadian system must work through this case according to its procedures.