Unity in the Community

We know that if one of us falls, he falls alone, but no one can be saved alone.  Those who are saved are saved within the Church as her members in unity with all the rest.  If anyone has faith, he shares a common faith; if he loves, he shares love; if he prays, he shares the prayer of all the rest.”  (Khomiakov, Alexei, Complete Works, Vol II, ch 21)

In Christ We are a New Creation

“Paul presents redemption in Christ as a radical restructuring of human nature:  it is in effect a new creation (2Cor 5:17).  Christ became what we are in order that we might become what he is.  It is not a case of ‘Christ died on our behalf; therefore we live’, but of ‘Christ died and we have died with him; he lives, and therefore, we live’.  Christians must expect not simply to die with Christ, but to suffer with him (Romans 8:17).  The Christian moves from the sphere of Adam to the sphere of Christ by accepting all that Christ has done and by becoming one with him:  even the believer’s initial response—by faith—is a sharing in the obedient, faithful response of Christ himself.”   (Hooker, Morna D, From Adam to Christ:  Essays on Paul, pgs 182-185)