Remembering Christ in the Christmas Season

“You Yourself have come to me, wretched and good-for-nothing servant that I am; my Lord has come to me, His enemy and apostate; my Master has come and has bestowed His love of mankind upon me.  Listen, my soul:  God has come to us; Our Lord has visited us.  For my sake He was born of the Virgin Mary, He Who is born of the Father before all time.  For my sake He was wrapped in swaddling clothes, He who covers heaven with the clouds and vests Himself with robes of light.  For my sake He was placed in the lowly manger, He Whose throne is the heavens and Whose feet rest upon earth.  For my sake He was fed with His mother’s milk, He Who feeds all creatures.  For my sake He was held in His mother’s arms, He Who is borne by Cherubim and holds all creatures in His embrace.  For my sake He was circumcised according to the law, He Who is maker of the Law.  For my sake, He Who is unseen became visible and lived among men, He Who is my God.  My God became one like me, like a man; the Word became flesh, and my Lord, the Lord of Glory, took for my sake the form of a servant and lived upon the earth and walked upon the earth, He Who is the King of Heaven.”

(St Tychon, A Treasury of Russian Spirituality, pg 216)