Holy Prophet Daniel & the 3 Holy Youths

Sermon notes from 17 December 1989

Holy Prophet Daniel, and the 3 Holy Youths: Ananias, Azarias, & Misael

Daniel 3

3 Youths in the Furnace – a sign of the Incarnation:

1) Christ is with the faithful, even in the midst of the flames -suffering, temptation, hardship. Christ is with us, even closer to us then ever, he walks with us to comfort, strengthen and encourage us.

2) The furnace meant certain death. Christ came and saved and delivered the 3 Holy Youths from death.

3) Christ did not spare his faithful youths from being hated, rejected, & condemned by the world. He did not spare them from trial, tribulation and temptation (to save themselves). But He did protect them from eternal sufferings and bitterness. Christ will protect and save us if we remain equally faithful to him.

4) Who can deliver us from the hands of our spiritual enemies? Christ Jesus, God’s own son. Who can deliver us from the powers and terrors of this world? Jesus Christ.  We may have to walk with him and endure the furnace, but He will not abandon us, and being with Him even in the hour of suffering will transfigure the time and the event by His eternal presence.

5) Christ came to save us from all false worship, false Gods, false beliefs.  But faithfulness to God might be a trial for us as it was to the 3 Youths.