Christmas: The Incarnation of God’s Word

In our Orthodox hymnology, Jesus is the one who “had made godlike the fallen nature of men”.  This is the significance of Christmas, the birth in the flesh of God’s Son.  Georges Florovsky explains:

“With the Incarnation of the Word the first fruit of human nature is unalterably grafted into the Divine Life, and hence to all creatures the way to communion with this Life is open, the way of adoption by God.  In the phrase of St Athanasius, the Word ‘became man in order to deify [ϑεοποιήοη] us in Himself,’ in order that “the sons of men might become the sons of God.”  Through the “flesh-bearing God” we have become ‘Spirit-bearing men’; and thus is recovered what had been lost since the original sin, when ‘the transgression of the commandment turned man into what he was by nature,’ over which he had been elevated in his very first adoption or birth from God, coinciding with his initial creation.”

(Florovsky, Georges Creation and Redemption, pg 75)

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