Thanksgiving Prayers of Hippolytus

Sunset: The close of a day & the hope for tomorrow

The beginning of a New Year is often a time also for us to give thanks to God:  thanks for all of the blessing of the year which is ending, and if the year has not been particularly prosperous, thanks that the year is ending and a new year and a new chance are beginning!  In either case it is a good time for offering thanksgiving to God, the Creator of the universe and of time.

Below are two thanksgiving prayers written by one of the best know Christian writers of the 3rd Century,the Hieromaryty Hippolytus of Rome (d. 235 AD).  Among his writings are these two thanksgiving prayers:

“We give thanks, O God, and we offer You the first fruits, which you have given us to enjoy, nourishing them through Your word, commanding the earth to bring forth her fruits for the gladness and the food of men.  For all these things we praise You, O God, and for all things wherewith You have blessed us, who for our sakes does give every creature different fruits.  Through You Servant Jesus Christ, our Lord, through whom You are Glorified forever.  Amen.”

A day worth remembering is a time for thanksgiving.

“We give You thanks, O God, because You have enlightened us by revealing the incor-ruptible light.  So we, having finished the length of a day, and having come to the beginning of the night, satisfied with the light of the day that You created for our satisfaction; and now since by Your grace we lack not a light for the evening, we sanctify You and glorify You.  Through Your  only Son our Lord Jesus Christ in whom You are glorified together with Him, be glory and might and honor with the Holy Spirit, now and ever.  Amen.”

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