What Use is Prayer to God?

The Star stood over the place where the Christ child was.

“With prayer I cleanse the vision of my faith, lest it lose sight of you in the mist, O Most Radiant Star.

“What use will your prayer be to God?” asks the swarthy workers of the earth.

You speak rightly, sons of earth.  What use is the mariner’s telescope to the North Star, when it sees the mariner even without a telescope?  But do not ask me, since you already know, what use a telescope is to a mariner.

Prayer is necessary for me, lest I lose sight of the salvation-bearing Star, but the Star does not need it to keep from losing me.”     (Bishop Nikolai Velimirovich, Prayers by the Lake, pg 70)

Prayer puts us into a proper relationship with God.  It gives orientation and direction to our lives.  It reminds us that He is Lord, and we are His servants.  We don’t pray to order God to do our will, but to submit ourselves and all our cares to His.