The Little Things in Life Tour of Sugarcreek Metropark

Queen Anne's Lace Winterized

It was a gray, overcast February day,

one in a long series of such days in winter in our area. 

The world of flora still in its winter sleep,

and no snow to glisten. 

I was eager to take a walk,

just to get out and enjoy what weather wise was not a particularly enjoyable day. 

I decided to take note of the little things in life, since the big picture was rather gloomy, like the world news. 

So I took my camera to Sugarcreek Metropark and

walked a path paying attention to the dormant plants along the way. 

I did not encounter even one other hiker.   

The colors of midwinter against the gloomy gray background

stand out noticeably even if they are earth colors. 

They represented a beauty that most any day

I would walk right past and ignore –

the dead plants, killed by winter’s freeze,

often bent over and stiff from the cold. 

No sign of life, even the insects are hibernating still. 

There were tiny droplets of ice hanging here and there,

left over from the freezing drizzle over night. 

You can see all the photos of my “Little Things Tour” on my Flickr page.  Click on the “slideshow” button above the thumbnail pictures to see all that I saw.   When we stop and look, our eyes are opened to the marvelous beauty which winter’s cold makes us quickly pass by and ignore.

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