The Truth about Truth

Some think truth is the possession of the few, but it is the gift of God to all.

“Truth looks as though it were an achievement of the few, but in reality it is the creation and possession of all.”  (Alexai Khomiakov quoted in Nicolas Zernov’s Three Russian Prophets:  Khomiakov, Dostoevsky, Soloviev, pg 58)

Wisdom & Lady Justice

Every great idea and invention builds upon the collective wisdom and knowledge of those who came before with their discoveries.  Thus all knowledge belongs to humanity, even though in a capitalist world people can copyright ideas and inventions for their own gain.

In Christianity, there is a notion of truth which belongs to the universe, though again virtually every English translation of the Christian Scriptures is copyrighted by some organization or corporation.

“And I believe that in his writings Blessed Staretz Silouan, a faithful son of the Church, has provided us with the latest and most trustworthy criterion of truth in the Church – Christ-like love for our enemies and Christ-like humility.” (Archimandrite Sophrony, St.Silouan the Athonite, pgs.89-90)

“Christ-like love for our enemies and Christ-like humility.”  Ideas that cannot be copyrighted but are so valuable that they are to be imitated by all Christians.