Adam, the First Human (PDF)

Christ and Adam Meet Again

The recent blog series  Adam, The First Human is now available as a PDF.

The series began with the blog:  Adam and Sin, Paradise and Fasting.

The series explores the role Adam – human, prototype, legend, story – has played in Orthodox theology through the ages.   While Adam is rarely mentioned in the canonical Jewish scriptures, his significance is made clear in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the incarnate God.  It is in the person of Christ that the importance of Adam and Genesis and the entire Old Testament is revealed to all.  Thus, we read the Scriptures in a Christocentric fashion.  It is Christ who reveals the ultimate importance and meaning of the Old Testament, and we come to realize the entire Old Testament speaks about and reveals Christ to the world.

You can find a few other blog series also available as a PDF at

and at

and at

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