“Glory to God for All Things”: The Akathist Illustrated (PDF)

Another of my Blog Series is now available as a PDF.

The Blog Series which began with Glory to God for All Things Ode 1 Illustrated can be read as a PDF at Glory to God for All Things: The Akathist Illustrated (PDF).

The Akasthist is attributed to Russian Orthodox Metropolitan Tryphon (d. 1934).

It is a hymn giving glory and thanksgiving to God for everything, in when the most dire of circumstances exists.  Metropolitan Tryphon is said to have suffered in Soviet concentration camps were he died.  I added some photographs to illustrate and illumine the wonderful text of the Akathist.

Everlasting King, Your will for our salvation is full of power.

Your right arm controls the whole course of human life.

We give You thanks for all Your mercies, seen and unseen:

For eternal life, for the heavenly joys of the Kingdom which is to be.

Grant mercy to us who sing Your praises, both now and in the time to come.

Glory to You, O God, from age to age.

3 thoughts on ““Glory to God for All Things”: The Akathist Illustrated (PDF)

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