Blog Series available as PDFs

Some of the Blog series I have posted here are available as PDFs.   Some people have said they prefer to read them as PDFs rather than follow through the Blog series.  Below are some of the Blog series now available as PDFs.


Glossary   Some of the terms I frequently reference in my blogs, especially those series dealing with Scripture

Introduction to God Questions His Creation: Genesis 4-11

God Questions His Creation:  Genesis 4

 God Questions His Creation: Genesis 5

Reading Noah and the Flood Through the Source Theory Lens

The Story of the Flood

God Questions His Creation: Genesis 6

God Questions His Creation: Genesis 7

God Questions His Creation: Genesis 8

God Questions His Creation: Genesis 9

 God Questions His Creation: Genesis 10

God Questions His Creation: Genesis 11

God Questions His Creation: The Conclusion of the Flood

God Questions His Creation: The Complete Text, Genesis 4-11

What is the Bible?

Reading the Bible Means Opening a Treasury

Scriptures and Tradition

Hermeneutics and Typology

Reading Scripture: The Old Testament, the Torah and Prophecy

Adam, the First Human 

St. Simeon’s Interpretation of Matthew 25:31-46

The Scriptures Bear Witness to the Word of God

Psalm 51 and Repentance


Prayer Blog Series


Death: The Last Enemy of God

Orthodoxy in Relationship to the World

Christianity and Islam

Glory to God for All Things, The Akathist Illustrated

Constantine the Great

The Goals of Teaching in the Early Church

The State and the Church and Sexual Abuse

The Mystery of Ourselves: Evolution and Christianity

The Expulsion of Adam and Eve from Paradise

Envisioning the Temple

Typikon Decoded

The Fathers on Hell

The Purpose of Righteousness

Images of Salvation

The Relationship of God to Life and Death

Meeting of the Lord in the Temple (2014)

Being and Becoming Human

Byzantine Orthodoxy, Hellenism and Science

That All Shall Be Saved


Great Lent 2008

Great Lent 2009

Great Lent 2010

Great Lent 2011

Great Lent 2012

Pre-Lent 2013

Great Lent 2013

Great Lent 2014

Great Lent 2015

Great Lent 2016

Pre-Lent 2017

Great Lent 2017

Pre-Lent 2018

Great Lent 2018

2019 Pre-Lenten Posts (PDF)

Great Lent 2019 (PDF)

2020 Pre-Lenten Themes (PDF)

Great Lent (2020)


Holy Week 2008

Holy Week 2009

Holy Week 2010

Holy Week 2011

Holy Week 2012

A Walk Through Holy Week (2013)

Holy Week (2013)

Holy Week 2014

Holy Week 2015

Holy Week 2016

Holy Week 2017

Holy Week 2018

2019 Holy Week (PDF)

Holy Week (2020)


Pascha and Bright Week (2008 and 2009)

Pascha and Bright Week (2010)

Pascha and Bright Week (2011)

Pascha and Bright Week (2012)

Pascha and Bright Week (2013)

Pascha and Bright Week (2014)

Pascha and Bright Week (2015)

Pascha and Bright Week (2016)

Pascha and Bright Week (2017)

Pascha and Bright Week (2018)

Pascha and Bright Week 2019 (PDF)

Pascha and Bright Week (2020)


2008 Post Paschal Sundays 

2009 Post Paschal Sundays

2010 Post Paschal Sundays

2011 Post Paschal Sundays 

2012 Post Paschal Sundays

2013 Post Paschal Sundays

2014 Post Paschal Sundays

2015 Post Paschal Sundays

2016 Post Paschal Sundays

2017 Post Paschal Sundays

2018 Post Paschal Sundays

2019 Post Paschal Sundays


Twelve Quotes for Christmas

2010 Christmas Posts

2011 Christmas Posts

2012 Christmas Posts

2013 Christmas Posts

2014 Christmas Posts

2015 Christmas Posts

2016 Christmas Posts

2017 Christmas Posts

2018 Christmas Posts


2013 Theophany Posts

2014 Theophany Posts

2016 Theophany Posts

2019 Theophany Posts


The Word, The Information, The Bit

Free Will and Biology  


A Quest to Know What It Means to Be Human

Mindless Brains and Loss of Consciousness: The Neo-Atheistic Ideological Denial of our Humanity

What Does it Mean to be Human?

A Recent History of American Heresy

DARWIN’S DOUBT is Meyer’s Doubt