The Samaritan Woman (2011)

THE SAMARITAN WOMAN           John 4:5-42

“Let us also imitate the woman of Samaria, and in the face of our own sins not be ashamed because of what men might think. Rather, it is proper to fear God Who sees now what we have done and Who punished later for what we do not repent of. At present we do the opposite of this. Instead of fearing Him Who is to judge us, we shudder at the judgment of men who in no way can hurt us, and we tremble at the shame of what they might discover. Therefore, I implore you, even if no one knows our wicked deed, let each of us enter into his own conscience and use reason as a judge…and submit his transgression to the court. And if he does not want his sins paraded about on that fateful judgment day, let him now apply the medicines of repentance and let him heal his own wounds now.” (St. John Chrysostom in What the Church Fathers Say About…Volume 2 by George W. Grube, pg.164)