Obeying Christ Through Evangelism

“…Nowhere in the New Testament does Jesus command his disciples to go out into the world and write books, not even the Gospels and the other books of the New Testament. Rather, as the New Testament itself is at pains to attest, he said to them: ‘Go to every part of the world, and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation.’ “ (Jaroslav Pelikan, Whose Bible is it?, pg.21)

God Became Man in order to Defeat Death

“When we were in this harsh captivity, ruled by invisible and bitter death, the Master of all visible and invisible creation was not ashamed to humble Himself and to take upon Himself our human nature, subject as it was to the passions of shame and desire and condemned by divine judgment; and He became like us in all things except that He was without sin (cf. Heb 4:15)…He took upon Himself, becoming what we are, so that we might become what He is. The Logos became man, so that man might become Logos. Being rich, He became poor for our sakes, so that through His poverty we might become rich (cf. Cor 8:9). In His great love for man He became like us, that through every virtue we might become like Him. From the time that Christ came to dwell with us, man created according to God’s image and likeness is truly renewed through the grace and power of the Spirit, attaining to the perfect love which ‘casts out fear’ ( 1 John 4:18) – the love which is no longer able to fail, for ‘love never fails’ (1 Cor 13:8).”    (St.Mark the Ascetic in the Philokalia – The Complete Text: Volume One, pg.155)