Jesus Christ the Incarnate God

 “And this is eternal life,

that they may know you,

the only true God,

and Jesus Christ

whom you have sent.”  

(John 17:3)

“The pre-existent son regarded equality with God not as excusing him from the task of (redemptive) suffering and death, but actually as uniquely qualifying him for that vocation…the death of Jesus is understood as the appropriate revelation, in action, of the love of God himself…The real humiliation of the incarnation and the cross is that one who was himself God, and who never during the whole process stopped being God, could embrace such a vocation. The real theological emphasis of the hymn, therefore, is not simply a new view of Jesus. It is a new understanding of God. Against the age-old attempts of human beings to make God in their own (arrogant, self-glorifying) image, Calvary reveals the truth about what it meant to be God. Underneath this is the conclusion, all-important in present christological debate: incarnation and even crucifixion are to be seen as appropriate vehicles for the dynamic self-revelation of God.”  (N.T. Wright, The Climax of the Covenant: Christ and the Law in Pauline Theology, pgs.83-84)