Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day to those of you who are fathers of any kind:




step fathers,

adoptive fathers,

spiritual fathers

and all the rest.

I’ve confessed to taking more photos of nature than of people, and so realize my collection of father photos is limited.

So I have to put on my Father’s Day photo blog, Father Abraham, who is said to be FATHER to three major religions:  Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

Some men are respected as dads, even if they weren’t the real father.  Even the bible says of the good man Joseph he was only “supposed” to be the father of Jesus.

Above is John Adams a founding FATHER of the United States of America.  He also was our second president.

In Orthodoxy we have the Patristic FATHERS to honor as well.

Some fathers, tend to be more behind the scenes type dads – they stay out of the limelight after fathering their offspring.  The antlers on the one above show this deer is also a king of the hill type guy.

Some dads are real family type men and spend a lot of time in the water with their kids.

Some dads are pretty demanding and they keep the rest of the family in line.  Age comes with certain rights of respect from the younger males.

Sometimes dads share wisdom with their grandchildren, and sometimes they share bad habits!   But today to all dads, happy Father’s Day.  May God grant you many years!

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