Orthodoxy in America

“The Church is in the world, in order to convert and redirect all the realms of natural, personal and social life. Her task is to make people aware of their true destiny and to make history constantly eschatological by illuminating, renewing and transforming the culture of people. This mission obligates every local Church to take root in the nation in which she enacts her life of faith.” (Alkiviadas C. Calivas, Essays in Theology and Liturgy Volume Two: Challenges and Opportunities – The Church in Her Mission to the World, pg.60)

26 June 2011, the 2nd Sunday after Pentecost, is recognized by the Orthodox Church in America and the Antiochian Archdiocese as the Sunday of All Saints of North America.   Most of the canonized Orthodox Saints in America were involved in mission work – helping to establish Orthodoxy in America so that it could be a viable witness to following Christ in the Orthodox way.  Today, we Orthodox enjoy the benefits of the missionary work and accomplishment of our saintly fore-bearers.  It is our turn to take up the cross of Christ and help root this life-giving tree in America.  We are to bear witness to all Americans about Christ, and we are to create a church which welcomes visitors and converts into our communities.  We are to become the saints who are fishers of men.