Behaving as a Christian

“This is Paul’s use of the command to ‘be what you are’. Those who are in Christ must behave accordingly. How should they behave towards fellow-Christians? They must remember that they are one body in Christ (Rom. 12:3-8). What kind of behavior is appropriate for Christians? They must ‘put on the Lord Jesus Christ’ (Rom.13:14). Should they observe holy days and abstain from certain kinds of food? They should do what they believe to be right, provided what they do brings honor to the Lord who died and rose again (Rom. 14:5-9): for it is because  he had been made Lord that Christians now do everything – living or dying – to him. How should they behave towards those with whom they disagree? They must welcome one another, since they have all been welcomed by God himself (Rom 14:1-3). They must be careful not to injure one another by their behavior, since that would bring destruction on those for whom Christ died (Rom. 14:13-21). On the contrary, the strong should bear the infirmities of those who are weak; they should not please themselves, for Christ did not please himself – indeed, he accepted reproach (Rom. 15:1-3). They must therefore welcome one another, as Christ welcomed them – Christ who, indeed, became a servant for their sakes (Rom. 15:7-12). (Morna D.Hooker, From Adam to Christ: Essays on Paul, pg.58)