Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden

Last week I had a short period of time to visit the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens, and despite the oppressive heat and humidity, I did stroll through the Zoo for about an hour.  I can at least invite you along for a short walk to enjoy God’s creation.  The Zoo is just a nice place for a walk, the camera gives me an excuse for walking and taking time to smell the flowers (you can smell the animals too, but that is less desirable though equally memorable) as well as photographing them.

The Southern Magnolia has beautiful large flowers in the spring, which produces a beautifully photogenic fruit.

The patterns and colors of theTropicana Canna are magnificent.  The variations of plant leaves in color, size, texture, and pattern even within one species of plants give us a sense of the creativeness of the Creator.

The Lowland Gorilla is relatively speaking a close genetic match to humans, though the differences are pronounced.  The structure of the Gorilla’s hands and arms are still such that they can function like a foot and leg.

The wide-eyed Lemur makes it appear to be very alert.  Another distant relative of humans in the genetic tree of life.

The Montane had a showman’s personality and seemed to like the attention of the camera.  Many of the Lorikeets seem to have facial expressions, or at least it is easy to anthropomorphize and project onto them personalities.

These three Golden Conures seemed to be up to something by their expressions.

The Parrots colors and markings were so eye catching.  God made a beautiful creation which we can simply enjoy if we take the time and aren’t totally consumed by utilitarian thinking.

The bee on the Rattlesnake Master flower was itself being buzzed by a tinier bee or wasp.  I have often noticed that each flower is often a microcosmic ecosystem with its unique inter-dependency between flora and fauna.  You often see specific insects only on specific plants.  They survive and thrive only with each other.

The Pica Bella Coneflower’s petals are delicate rays of a purple sunburst.   “O Lord, how manifold are Your works!  In wisdom You made them all.” (Psalm 104:24)

You can see a slideshow of the entire set of  my photos from the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens on my Flickr page.

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