Macro Photography

In my recent walks I decided to try using only my macro lens to see what I could see.

The first photo is looking straight down on a cone flower.  Below are two other views of the same flower.

The macro photos give us unique views of something familiar.   The beauty of God’s creation makes it worth taking the time to STOP, and smell the flowers, but also to allow their beauty to enter into eyes and minds as well.

The colors and shapes catch not only the eyes of the insects which the flowers rely on to pollinate themselves, but it catches the eye of those who can appreciate delicate beauty as well.  This is a unique gift in the animal world.

Insects in their variety and variation are every bit as fascinating as the flowers, though most of us don’t appreciate the annoying creatures much, the plant life and flowers are dependent on insect pollinators for their survival.  The works of God are manifold and wisely brought together.

Perspective is always important – not only in photography but just in understanding issues or other people.  When we look at the same thing from different perspectives we grow in our knowledge and understanding of God’s universe.  We come to appreciate the depth of truth, as is revealed in so many passages of Scripture.

There are also mysteries to behold in this tiny world.  Those tiny gold beads, apparently linked together were as tiny as dew droplets, yet they caught my eye.  What they are is unknown to me, but I admire the unknown anyway, and the Creator too who puts such variety under every leaf or stem.

What follows is a few more photos, just to enjoy.

I have not been blessed with any artistry of any sort – I’m not a creator of beauty, or of handiwork which others can admire.  I try to capture by camera that fleeting beauty which speaks of its eternal Creator.

I see what God has planted on earth, beauty in things that fade away, season by season, they come and go.  I cannot add to the natural beauty of the earth, but can point it out to others.

I stop for a moment captivated by that beauty which is not frozen in time but fading away even as I look at it.  I attempt to capture that glorious and natural beauty preserving it for a longer time.  That moment digitally preserved has passed, and I too pass on, our paths having crossed in space and time, as God ordained.   I don’t want to miss that moment He created for us on earth.

You can view my recent sets of Macro Photograph at either of the addresses below.  You need only click on the “Slideshow” button above the thumbnail photos to view all of the pictures I took with the Macro Lens.