Miamisburg Mound Sunset

Though I have lived in the area for 25 years, I had never visited the Adena Indian Mound in Miamisburg, OH.   I finally made the visit and viewed a sunset.  The Mound is now part of an Ohio State Park Memorial.

The Mound is an Adena burial site, and rises about 70 feet above the ground, which is already atop a bluff over a river.  So from the top of the Mound you do get a clear view of the area.  I decided to ascend the Mound near sunset and photography the sunset.

You can watch a slide show of the photos I took of the sunset.   Once you are on the page with the thumbnail photos, just click on the Slideshow button above the small photos.  Once the slides appear you can also then click on the “Show Information” Button which will reveal a few notes I made for each photo.

Though the Miamisburg Mound is not as spectacular as the volcano Haleakala which I visited in Hawaii, it was Haleakala that inspired me to view the sunset from the Miamisburg Mound.  The Mound is a good site for viewing the sunrise and set as the earth turns on its axis.   It is a good place from which to view God’s creation.  It is totally human made as well, which is a reminder that even ancient people made huge and sometimes permanent changes in nature’s landscape.

You can see my photos of a Sunrise at the Mound.

You can also see photos of the sunset I watched from Haleakala on my Flickr page.