Equal Time for the Sunrise

I revisited the Adena Indian Mound in Miamisburg, OH.    The almost 70 feet high Mound is now part of an Ohio State Park Memorial.  It was a burial ground for these early Ohio residents.

Since I earlier posted a blog about watching the sun set from atop the Miamisburg Mound, I thought I would give equal time to the sunrise.  (You can watch a Flickr slide show of the photos I took of the sunset.)   I got up early enough to make it to the top of the Mound to watch the dawn  of the sun and a new day.

It was a spectacular sunrise and certainly worth the effort.

Thanks be to God, the Creator of the heavens and earth, and of all beauty!

I was asked if these were the natural colors in the photo, yes, I didn’t edit the photo other than crop it.

You can see my Flickr set of the Miamisburg Sunrise and watch it as a slide show.   Once you are on the page with the thumbnail photos, just click on the Slideshow button above the small photos.  Once the slides appear you can also then click on the “Show Information” which will reveal a few notes I made for some photos.


3 thoughts on “Equal Time for the Sunrise

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