My “O Lord!” Prayers (B)

In the blog, My “O Lord” Prayers: A Story”, I mentioned how I rediscovered some prayers I copied down 40+ years ago as a teenager in a period in which I felt very drawn to God.   I published some of those prayers in the previous blog,  My “O Lord!” Prayers (A).  What follows are the rest of the prayers I recorded many years ago.

O Lord, show me Your glory because You love Your creature; but also give me tears and the power to thank You.  To You belongs glory in heaven and on earth, but for me, I must weep for my sins.

O Lord, the cares of this world overshadow our minds, and we are not able to comprehend the fullness of Your love.  Enlighten us.

O Lord, grant all the people of the earth to know how greatly You love us, and to know the wondrous life You prepare for those who believe in You.

O Lord, teach us by Your Holy Spirit to be obedient and sober.

O Lord, You know how weak and sinful I am.  Help me to endure my sufferings and to thank You for Your goodness.

O Lord, grant peace to Your people.

O Lord, bestow Your Holy Spirit on Your servants, that our hearts may be kindled by Your love, and that our feet be kept on the path of truth and goodness.

O merciful Lord, I pray to You:  let all mankind, from the beginning to the end of time come to know You, that You are good and merciful, that all nations may rejoice in Your peace and behold the light of Your countenance.  Your gaze is tranquil and meek, and draws the soul to You.